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All these puppies have been adopted and found their forever homes.

Some recent pictures...

Charles, now Virgil, enjoying his new activities including babysitting.

Diana and William, now Keya and Koa, now living a good life on Vancouver Island.

Some more of Brinn’s puppies, now 6 weeks old.

A Ch HHC I Only Date Models - “Brinn” puppy at 4 weeks.

Puppies -- October 4, 2011 Litter

I’m ready for Christmas - Are you?

This coat is too big - but I’ll grow into it.

This hat’s too big! -- I’m not a cowgirl yet!

Play time!

I’m the boss!

Keya & Koa belong to Sharon and Len on Vancouver Island -- They exhibit the wonderful head-type and good bone typical of a Kilkenny puppy.

Height: 15.75”

Eyes: Cleared yearly

Hips OFA'd Excellent

Elbows OFA'd Clear

MDR-1 Normal/Normal via Parentage

PRA Pending


#1 All Breed Puppy 2008

#4 Herding Group 2008

1 Reserve Winners

4 Best in Breed

6 Best Puppy in Breed

1 Group First

4 Group 2nds

6 Best Puppy in Group

4 Best Puppy in Show

1 Best in Show


Ch. HHC I Only Date Models - “Brinn”


Jr. Ch. Teacup Treasures Encore Performance - “Cori”

Height: 16.5”

Eyes: Cleared yearly

Hips: OFA'd Excellent

MDR-1  Pending

PRA Pending


1 blue merle female

1 blue merle male

1 red merle male

5 black tri males

More Recent Pictures of Our October 4, 2011 Litter

Jayde with Panda

Megan with Oakley

Oakley and Dior

Multi Ch. Teacup Treasures Hitch N Up
Traylor” - Litter brother of Cori with some of his many ribbons / last shown Jan 14/15 2012


for Kilkenny Farms pending evaluation.
If he passes muster he will be Kilkenny’s Dublin.

Juliette - Placed

Gone to Kim Gardner of Teacup Treasures, Arizona for show and breeding.

Cupid - Placed

Henry VIII - Placed

Gone to Sue Stover, Midland Ontario

for show and breeding.

Valentine - Placed

Romeo - Placed

Arrow - Placed


Staying here at Kilkenny Farms.

Juliette - Placed

Don Juan now Teddy - Placed

Cupid - Placed

Valentine & Arrow - Placed

The rest of this litter missed this photoshoot.

Hollywood Hit - Bert

the best babysitter you could have, with one of the young puppies from the above litter.

Charlotte and Holly chose a darling little black tri for their new best friend.

Jayde really adores her

puppy Pandora (call name Panda)

Pretty Nice Littermates

Henry VIII has been placed with Sue, a fellow breeder in Ontario.

Romeo - Now placed

Valentine - Placed

Teddy, beloved by the Leone family, Sophia, Jackie and Franco, of North Vancouver.

Height: 15.75”

Eyes: Cleared yearly

Hips OFA'd Excellent

Elbows OFA'd Clear

MDR-1 Normal/Normal via Parentage

PRA Pending


#1 All Breed Puppy 2008

#4 Herding Group 2008

1 Reserve Winners

4 Best in Breed

6 Best Puppy in Breed

1 Group First

4 Group 2nds

6 Best Puppy in Group

4 Best Puppy in Show

1 Best in Show


Ch. HHC I Only Date Models - “Brinn”

LITTER BORN MAY 17, 2012 - 9 Puppies

Height: 16.5”

Eyes: Cleared yearly

Hips Prelim. Good

MDR-1 Pending

PRA Pending


Kilkenny’s Zenyatta - “Zenyatta”

Pony is all dressed up in its American attire to carry Made In Canada Puppies into their new designation as Miniature American Shepherds.

All puppies were evaluated as show/breed quality by an experienced breeder.

Blue Merle Male - White collar, 2 blue eyes - Perriwinkle - now Finnegan - “Finn” - Fernie, BC bound


Blue Merle Female - inaccurately described before as red merle female - white collar, 2 blue eyes - Camelia - likely show/breed quality


Red Merle Male - Ch. Sonny look-alike - Was Dogwood - now Sonny Jr. - “J.R.” - permanently resident at Kilkenny Farms

Red Tri Male - Clover

Nice flashy markings


Red Tri Female - Rhodo - now “Memphis” - Prince George Bound


Red Tri Female - Tiger Lilly - exotically marked - adorable, clever, happy-go-lucky puppy


Black Tri Female - Lilac - large full white collar - show/breed quality


Black Tri Female - Buttercup - partial collar


Black Tri Male - Dandelion - “Lion” - full white collar


Puppies are ready for their new homes July 12th 2012 at 8 weeks, fully vaccinated, worming up-to-date, evaluated as to physical structure and temperament tested.

  1. -socialized with humans, including small children, other dogs and farm animals

  2. -fed a special diet for the best start in life

Kilkenny Farms offers a unique style of breeding and raising dogs as evidence by the large number of repeat placements.

Please phone not e-mail for up-to-date availability



Puppies will be puzzled by two other well known breeders at 8 weeks.

All puppies are guaranteed for 2 years for genetic health.

Parent’s hips are OFA’ed and eyes are Cerfed by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist.
First vaccinations and worming will be up to date.

All pet puppies are sold on spay / neuter contracts.

Kilkenny Farms Puppy Perks!

Each puppy will go with:

  1. -Custom-Made Matching Collar & Leash Designed by Local Artist

- Good quality Toy

- Treats

  1. -Folder with puppy and breed-related data for the new owner

  2. -As well, any puppy buyer is welcome to contact me for advice and assistance in raising their puppy to responsible and happy adulthood.


Each puppy will be crate trained and will walk well on a leash. Each owner is advised to enrol is a local puppy obedience class.
I recommend Michelle Dodgson’s Doggy Day Care and Pet Obedience Training Facility. DCT Canine Services in Cloverdale area). Email Michelle at

ANNOUNCEMENT - Michelle is now offering classes at a generous discount - a spring/early summer special. Contact her for details.

For Agility or Flyball please contact Deb at

All puppies will have had neurological stimulation as recommended by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia.


Early Neurological Stimulation

Puppy Puzzling

Temperament Testing

Benefits of Stimulation  

Five benefits have been observed in canines. The benefits noted were:

  1. 1.Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

  2. 2.Stronger heart beats

  3. 3.Stronger adrenal glands

  4. 4.More tolerance to stress

  5. 5.Greater resistance to disease

Zenyatta - Mom - with J.R. baby son

Pandora - “Panda” - full sister of current litter with her family


Kilkenny’s Irish Gypsy produced 2 girls and 3 boys with Kilkenny’s Hollywood Hit - “Bert”. Gypsy is a very beautiful, very sweet young matron whom we picked out from her litter as a gem. She is a red tri with one blue eye. Hollywood Hit is the blue merle featured in our advertisements. He is an extremely intelligent and well-focused young dog who couldn’t wait for us to design a mating for him so he took matters into his own hands - it couldn’t be a better choice if planned - it is a first litter for both.

The leaves have just started to change their colour to red, but this Midsummer Night’s Dream litter is all red.

We are being philosophical about this unplanned gorgeous litter.

Red Merle Female - Desdemona

Red Merle Male - Aristotle

Red Merle Male - Socrates

Red Tri Female - Portia

Red Tri Male - Shakespeare

Kilkenny’s Irish Gypsy with the new players.

Kilkenny’s Hollywood Hit - “Bert” - really hit a home run when he sired this litter.

All of the players have found new homes to play in EXCEPT Portia, now Bandit. She is here at Kilkenny Farms as her new mistress had an accident and can’t care for her at the moment. We wish Flora in Lexington Kentucky a speedy recovery.

Desdemona is a very darling well-putogether red merle girl - she is Alberta bound

Socrates a red merle male with gorgeous flashy markings and 2 blue eyes. He flew from the west coast to the east coast and now lives near Halifax, Nova Scotia at a great farm with sheep and other dogs owned by Chris and Jade Marsh and is to be their new stud dog.

Shakespeare is a very flashy red tri male - shown here with his toy buddy. He is the only puppy that stayed locally and he has a wonderful new home. No new pictures yet!

Portia, now Bandit, is a very special red tri female who exhibits as does Shakespeare the wonderful mahogany red colour so hard to achieve. We expect big things from her as she is exquisite.

All the players are tired out

JR and my grandson and helper Gordon with little red merle on knee

Desdemona at 4 weeks.

Desdemona at 5 weeks with her football player buddy who play’s for the Stampeder’s

Socrates at 4 weeks with daddy Bert

Socrates at 5 weeks

Portia at 5 weeks with blue merle Aussie stuffy

Shakespeare at 5 weeks

Aristotle at 5 weeks playing tug-o-war as Portia ignores him. (Not ladylike enough for her).

The players at 5 weeks contemplating their new toy ball.

There may be a puppy available from this litter. Phone for up to date information 604-857-5085.

Desdemona, now Luna in her new home in Calgary Alberta.

Aristotle, now Rusty, the beloved puppy of the Langs, now resides with them in Kelowna, BC.

Pictures courtesy of Geoff Lang Photography.

LITTER BORN MARCH 14, 2013 - 6 Puppies

Trixie is a black tri female 15.5 inches high. She is very sweet and is proving to be a good mama. She came from Patchwork bloodlines through Picasso Kennels and is a from a long line of beautifully bred dogs.

Brinn’s lineage is well-known within the breed.

Blue merle male, full white collar and lots of flash shown with his larger blue merle stuffed toy.

12.1oz at birth

“Danny Boy”

Blue merle male, full collar and flash.

9.7oz at birth

“Irish Eyes”

Blue merle female, full collar and flash, lots of black overlaying the merle and one side of face powder blue and the other black. She will be a knock out as her colouring is really extreme.

10.1oz at birth


Black tri male, full collar and flash.

10.9oz at birth


Black tri female with flash.

9.1oz at birth

“Rose of Sharon”

Black tri female with flash.

9.7oz at birth


See that the Irish angel’s head is in the shape of a horse. Because that’s how Irish angel’s are made.


Danny Boy

Irish Eyes missed the photoshoot.



Rose Of Sharon




LITTER BORN MARCH 23, 2013 - 6 Puppies

As racing season is upon us, puppies get their names from some of favourite race tracks in North America.

Black tri male with almost full white collar and flash.

“Hastings Park”

Black tri female no collar and flash.

“Emerald Downs”


Black tri male with some collar and flash.


Black tri female lot of flash.

“Santa Anita”

Black tri female mismark - cute puppy - terrible picture

“Del Mar”

Black tri male.


LITTER BORN MARCH 27, 2013 - 7 Puppies

Puppies named in remembrance of spring break wanna’be destinations



Black tri female no collar and flash with Irish Angel and her horse.


Black tri female with flash, likes Panda Bears.


Blue merle male, white collar and flash.


Blue merle male, no collar and flash.


Blue merle male, some collar and flash.


Blue merle male with flash is in a rush to get to a sunny spot and escape the rain.


Blue merle male with white collar and flash is also in a hurry to get to the sun.

“Palm Beach”



Danny Boy

contemplating his ball and chain

Irish Eyes

Rose Of Sharon and Shamrock missed the  photo shoot



Hastings Park Racecourse

Emerald Downs


Santa Anita

she wants to be a dairy farmer


Napping on the living room floor

Everything looks tranquil at Kilkenny Farms and all puppies from the March litters have found their forever homes!

Colleen at 9 weeks - she is Phoenix bound and will live at Picasso Kennels. With her markings Picasso himself could not have painted a prettier picture.


Danny Boy at 9 weeks - he is staying at Kilkenny Farms.

All of Trixie’s puppies have found their forever homes

Black tri female


Black tri female


Blue merle male

Northlands (“Nordic”) at 9.5 weeks left for Edmonton today with Tyler Marshall. He will be the buddy of 2 boys and Anna and Tyler.

LITTER BORN MAY 17, 2013 - 9 Puppies

Colleen at her new home at Picasso Kennels in Phoenix, AZ.

Stoverly’s Havre de Grace at Kilkenny - “Meryl” with her newborns.

Kilkenny’s Dullahan - “Bob” - Father.

Red tri female
white blaze with some collar.


Blue merle female - very flashy, full white collar.


Red merle male - very flashy - huge white collar.


Blue merle male - very flashy - lots of collar.


The girls are almost ready for dance lessons.

The boys - what can I say?

Pictures were taken at 2 days old.

Black tri male - with oodles of flash.

“Fire Engine”

Blue merle male

Black tri female - flashy, some collar.


Red tri male - very flashy, small strip of collar.

The Red Baron - “Baron”

Black tri male - plain pup but has white boots.

Burning Bush “Bush”

Red tri male - very flashy - large collar.


Puppies at 6 weeks old


Really lovely red tri female



Blue merle female



Black tri female with her person on holiday in Paris, France. Maybe someday she’ll get married in Paris.


Strawberry - now Kilkenny’s Revolutionary

Red merle male - double-Sonny great grandson - show/breed quality pup with perfect markings.



Blue merle male wants a big light to find his way



Fire red tri male, wants to be a cowboy and ride the range.


The Red Baron

Red tri male - he wants to go fishing.


Fire Engine

Very beautiful black tri male with exquisite markings.



Black tri male who is cute, cute, cute - he is off to bed with a candle to guide him.

Bush is a handsome, healthy, lovely 3 month old pup with a beautiful temperament. He is fully vaccinated, wormed, etc. and ready for his forever home.


Kilkenny’s Black Tie Affair With Patchwork - 5 year old open male, placed well as a puppy at nationals - he is co-owned with Linda Perry of Patchwork Farms - open to a breeder or available as a companion to be neutered.

Tux is by Patchworks Affirmed at Kilkenny and out of Jr. Ch - Teacup Treasures Encore Performance - further details upon request.

Two older dogs of great quality - Kilkenny’s Zenyatta - 3 year old spayed female - has had 2 litters and daughter is being retained by Kilkenny Farms.

Zenyatta has now been placed in her forever home.


All Kilkenny puppies have found their forever homes.

We are expecting new litters in 2014 and are accepting deposits.

Kilkenny’s Black Tie Affair With Patchwork “Tux” flew off to Calgary, Alberta with his wonderful new owner and will reside there with Jenny’s family consisting of her husband and 2 children.


LITTER BORN JANUARY 6, 2014 - 9 Puppies

Kilkenny’s Hollywood Hit - Bert - is the daddy of both litters

Bert is by Ch. McGuffin’s Sonny Side Up x Jr. Ch. Teacup Treasures Encore Performance. He has yet to hit the show ring and is a magnificent dog both in body type and temperament. He is 18” tall, the maximum height for a Miniature American Shepherd.

Bert relaxing on his favourite chesterfield

A big yawn - being a daddy to 18 puppies so tiring

Trixie with her brood - puppies are 2 weeks old

On New Years Day the holiday season was in full swing so the puppies have a holiday theme.


Black tri male - flashy boy with some collar


Black tri male - flashy with some collar


Black tri male - flashy boy

Frosty The Snowman - Frosty

Blue merle male with lots of copper


Black tri female - the only one!


Blue merle female - flashy, lots of copper - a true Irish angel



Blue merle female - a really beautiful


Candy Cane - Candy

Blue merle female - She is really eye candy

PLACED as co-own

with Liz Heal


Blue merle female - very lovely puppy


Gypsy is by Patchworks Affirmed at Kilkenny ex Kilkenny’s Shenanigans

Gypsy with her brood at 10 days old - born January 6th, 2014

These are the new 2014 models here at Kilkenny Farms

Carmen Ghia - Carmen

Red tri female



Black tri male



Red merle male


Red merle male

Santa Fe & Tuscon

Red tri males


Red merle female



Red merle female - a real teddy bear


Rolls Royce

Red merle female


We feel that these are the best litters every produced here at Kilkenny Farms. Puppies marked as RESERVED are ones currently being considered for Kilkenny Farms. Other puppy placements will be chosen by those having tendered deposits between 4 and 5 weeks. The ultimate decision for which puppies Kilkenny Farms will retain will be made at evaluation time - 7.5-8 weeks. We have deposits on hand but there is still room for people wishing to purchase one of these gorgeous puppies.

As of now, June 6th, 2014, there are only 2 puppies available due to change of plans see Available page.

You may call for further details at 604-857-5085.

Puppies from the 2 litters 7 1/2 and 8 weeks old

Angel - red merle female


Rolls Royce now Sally - red merle female


Tuscon - now Scout - red tri male with his new owner


Wrangler - red merle female


Holly - black tri female - with her new owner, Joann


Jewel - blue merle female with her new owners Raphael and Tatiana


Jingles - now Bandit - black tri male


Sparkles - black tri male


Candy Cane - blue merle female


Santa Fe - red tri male


Ford - red merle male


Poinsettia - blue merle female


Carmen Ghia - red tri female with full white collar - very sweet puppy


Availability changes almost daily so please call to check.

Heidi - red merle female

owned by Karen & family


LITTER BORN AUGUST 29, 2014 - 8 Puppies - 7 weeks



The leaves are falling - that is no surprise this time of year but this litter was a surprise so they have been named after deciduous trees.

Black tri female - she is a beauty so she is Magnolia


Black tri male - He’s a real peach so we’ll call him Beech PLACED

Black tri male - he is solid like an Oak


Last puppy available from this litter!

Black tri male - he needs no sprucing up - Spruce


Blue merle female - Birch


Blue merle male - Chestnut


Blue merle male - Maple


Blue merle male - Hemlock


An earlier picture